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Charlotte Keeffe’s RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW Quartet featuring Ashley John Long on double bass, Ben Handysides on drums, Moss Freed on guitar and herself on trumpet and flugelhorn and compositions, is a breeding ground for squelchy, sploshy, splashy Sound Brush playing - music-making!

Keeffe's 2nd album, featuring her RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW Quartet, is out now on Discus Music - RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW ALIVE! in the studio...

'…Overtly over-blowing, splitting, splattering, squirming, squeaking and squealing out ALIVE! Howling and hooting, chomping and chaffing… 


Dusty, distorted, flimsy, fragile, manic, ghostly, guttural sound strokes rip through whirlwinds and whirlpools of wholesome gooey-sound-dough!


A turbulent tease, staggering, swaying, abruptly plunging into intentional vagueness… 


A messy emporium of raw, raucous realness. 



It is as it is…'

With her RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW Quartet Keeffe enables raw musical ingredients and individual expressions to come together and flow. She is captivated by trumpeters like Jaimie Branch, Peter Evans, Tomasz Stańko, Nate Wooley and Lester Bowie, and inspired by abstract painters - referring to her horns as 'Sound Brushes'.

Previous RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW performances include;

London Jazz Festival, Manchester Jazz Festival, Lancaster Jazz Festival, Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Birmingham('s) Symphony Hall and Fizzle concert series, Sheffield's Jazz at The Lescar, Cambridge's LISTEN!, Newcastle's Jazz North East program, as well as London's Café OTO, Jazz in the Round, Toulouse Lautrec, Karamel CLub, Spice of Life, (the) Southbank Centre's Purcell Room

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