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Music is Everywhere, Everything and Everyone.

Charlotte Keeffe refers to her solo Sound Brush project as far from feeling 'solo', and more like a series of 'secret/disguised duets' with Everything and Everyone in the moment. Inspired by abstract painters, her trumpet and flugelhorn have become her Sound (paint) Brushes.

In 2022 world renowned trumpeter Dave Douglas invited Keeffe to be part of his Festival of New Trumpet Music. Keeffe was delighted to be commissioned to record a piece for this exciting Festival and collaborated with film maker, Omri Dagan, who captured her duetting with the mighty City of London.


'London and the trumpet share unique percussive and vocal qualities. Enriched in history and glazed in overstimulation, the City’s driveness, heaviness and tightness constantly spew out spontaneous unique Fanfares!'


Other Sound Brush performances include;

Switzerland's Ear We Are Festival, Austria's STIO Festival, Great Yarmouth's Yarmonics Festival, Derby's Out Front, Leicester's Festival 2 Funky, Hasting's Two Ship concert series, Oxford Improvisers, The Vortex, NoizeMaschin!!, Klinker Club, Hundred Years Gallery, LUME, Birmingham Symphony Hall

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