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"The message is plain and simple: Keeffe has arrived and she is going to be around for a very long time; yes, she is one to watch out for..." - John Eyles, SQUID'S EAR

"Her full-bodied broad tone and stealthy phrasing are effective regardless of the changes in instrumentation and stimulus... Keeffe shows notable strength of character as she runs the sonic and emotional gamut..." - Kevin Le Gendre, JAZZWISE

Interview by Chris Searle for The Morning Star

Interview by Bill Shoemaker for Point of Departure

Interview by Gina Southgate for The Sussex Jazz Magazine

"Keeffe is an extremely versatile and active player; she leads her own quartet, is one of the main organisers of the Mopomoso sessions... A key figure in the London Improvisers Orchestra (LIO), she is much in demand as a soloist with various improvising groups..."– Tony Dudley-Evans, LONDON JAZZ NEWS


"So many different atmospheres and structures to mindfully explore: Right Here, Right Now is just beautiful and captivating!" – BEST OF JAZZ


"a highly authoritative voice..." - Fiona Mactaggart, Jazz in Europe.


"…Charlotte Keeffe’s blood-red, rasping flugelhorn and trumpet blew breathy cadences and messages as if her lungs were burning with an electricity all of her own."

- Chris Searle, MORNING STAR


"Fresh on the scene, trumpeter Charlotte Keeffe is a whirlwind of extended techniques and tactile puzzles, removing the mouthpiece to elicit a windy howl, using her left hand as a mute in the bell of the horn and revelling in restless possibilities."

- Daniel Spicer, JAZZWISE

 "...she reminds me of the great Enrico Rava. There’s also touches of Lester Bowie and, inevitably, Miles but… fortunately, Keeffe is always Keeffe."


"...ethereal harmonics and sensitive playing by Keeffe, marks her out as a top contemporary jazz musician..." – Phil Jackson, ACID DRAGON

"Right Here, Right Now... a ghostly, atmospheric otherworldliness." - Mat Smith, FURTHER

"Her capabilities with trumpet and flugelhorn are widespread and evoke all sorts of jazzy odysseys..." - Mr Olivetti, FREQ

"Keeffe is a multi-sided, very inventive and inspired musician." - Dolf Mulder, VITAL WEEKLY

A G Bertinetto, KATHODIK

Gennaro Fucile, MUSICA JAZZ


Ken Waxman, JAZZWORD


Full reviews for Right Here, Right Now - Solo, Duo, Quartet and Large Ensemble Music

by Charlotte Keeffe, available now on Discus Music - HERE

Full reviews for Charlotte Keeffe's RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW (Quartet) ALIVE! in the studio - HERE

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